The Children Pox

The Children Pox

The Children Pox is made up of two of the most prominent figures on the national pop art scene: the Spaniard Juan Zamora (Madrid, 1982) and the Belgian/Mexican, who has now settled here, Alejandra Freymann (Xalapa, 1983). Both artists have earned considerable professional recognition separately, however in parallel they have also spent considerable amounts of time developing a joint work that has only very recently been shown to the public.

And this joint creative project has slowly become more important to each of them – it has taken up most of their time in their studio as well as most of their artistic energies. With this we have seen them in various publications, at art fairs, at exhibitions and even solo exhibitions, the most notable being at the ABC Museum in Madrid in March 2012.

Exhibitions / Art Fairs


06.04.2013 - 01.06.2013