Sabine Finkenauer

"I have always drawn as far back as I can remember. As a child I drew almost every day and I still do so today.

I do not necessarily think of the end result as a draw, nor do I think about producing a piece of art. Instead for me drawing is a way for me to focus my mind in my studio, to crystallise ideas and to find a way to express them. I tend to have a notebook with me at all times in which I note down all kinds of things. It also doubles up as a kind of file for my ideas. These small sketches are very important for the preparation of my oil paintings, which are often very large, and are another important aspect of my work. In recent years drawing has become increasingly important to my work as a whole…”

Sabine Finkenauer. 2007

Exhibitions / Art Fairs


17.10.2019 - 20.10.2019

Sabine Finkenauer

12.09.2019 - 16.11.2019

ARCO 2018

21.02.2018 - 25.02.2018

SWAB Barcelona 2017

28.09.2017 - 01.10.2017

ARTBO Bogotá 2016

26.10.2016 - 30.10.2016

Swab Barcelona 2016

29.09.2016 - 02.10.2016

Pareidolie Marsella 2016

27.08.2016 - 28.08.2016

Estampa Madrid 2015

24.09.2015 - 27.09.2015


10.09.2015 - 14.11.2015