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Fragments and links

Susana Solano

We will open the season with a solo exhibition dedicated to the sculptress Susana Solano (Barcelona, 1946). A group of sculptures and photographs evoke the transit through time. Perhaps the photographs may seem closer to the viewer because they deal with experiences that we can recognise. On the contrary, the works in iron distance us, but the author always provides us with small winks to lead us to her personal interpretation of the world.

The exhibition will be completed with the installation Fragments and links II, which is presented this summer in the Monastery of Santa María de Bujedo de Juarros, in Burgos, as part of our new summer programme recently launched. Only this work is recent, the rest have been chosen by its author out of necessity and nostalgia, recovered from packing boxes to establish new links.

Susana Solano
Barcelona, 1946

Barcelona-born Susana Solano began her artistic career with a brief journey into painting in the early 1980s that ended up taking her into the medium she has continued to work in ever since: sculpture. Her work is frequently linked to postminimalism, as well as to other Spanish sculptors like Julio González, Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida. Iron and wicker are common in her art, although... Read more

Susana Solano