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Miguel Ángel Barba. 2016

“If you wait for the bus, it will come.” Carmen Herrera, Cuban painter. Of the four extraordinary artists living in Cuenca with whom our gallery started more than ten years ago, only Miguel Angel Barba has "resisted" and has continued his work as an artist. Miguel Angel Barba was born in Ciudad Real in 1976 and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca. He began his career producing figurative, expressionistic, unpolished and even sometimes wild pieces, mixing textiles with large cardboard boxes that had been used as packaging for white goods that he had found discarded in the street. His works has gradually evolved into very schematic compositions in which the concept of repetition became a central element. Initially, his pictures were bursting with colour. Today his neat compositions have stark white backgrounds, inspiring a calm and meditative view.