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Giuseppe Arcimboldo. El bibliotecario, 1562 (reproducción). Óleo sobre lienzo. 97 x 71 cm

This collaboration between Alicia Martí and Filippos Tsitsopoulos has its starting point in the painting entitled The Librarian, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. EThis work was interpreted as a parody in which books - symbols of knowledge - make up the portrait of Wolfgang Lazius, humanist at the court of the Habsburg Emperor Fernando I. Arcimboldo ridicules the figure of the collector of books, more interested in acquiring them than in reading them. Tsitsopoulos presents a series of videos featuring the masks he makes out of living materials, where Arcimboldo has undoubtedly served as his inspiration. Alicia Martín, for her part, presents a barricade made up of books and broken glass, echoing those built during revolutions to defend and to block the way, forming an obstacle that both repels and attracts.

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