Submitted by editor on Sat, 05/13/2023 - 10:59

ARCO Lisboa 2023

Susana Solano

After having brought together the work of Susana Solano and Simon Callery on several occasions, both in projects in the gallery and at fairs, and even in the unique setting of the Church of the Cistercian Monastery of Santa María de Bujedo de Juarros, in Burgos, with this project at ARCO Lisbon 2023 we propose to bring to a close a series of joint exhibitions of both artists that have taken place in recent years.

Certain biographical details link Susana Solano and Simon Callery. Their sculptural training and relatively early success. However, their origins are curiously inverse, Solano started out as a painter and moved almost immediately to sculpture. Callery, although he began with painting, had a fundamentally sculptural training, which he transferred immediately after graduating to painting.