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ARCO Madrid 2023

rosalia banet banquete quemado2

Our project for this new edition of ARCO Madrid 2023 proposes to bring together six artists represented by the gallery, of different nationalities, each with a different approach to their work. In a diaphanous booth, in which all the works will be in dialogue with each other without interruption.

The stand will be articulated around the sculpture “Fragmentos y vínculos II” by Susana Solano (Barcelona, 1946), which formed part of the intervention carried out by this sculptress together with the painter Simon Callery (London, 1960) in the Monastery of Santa María de Bujedo de Juarros, in Burgos, as part of our new summer programme recently launched.

It will be flanked by a set of paintings by the British artist, which will occupy the side walls of the stand. These emphasise materiality and are often made in direct contact with the environment, taking advantage of the surfaces that make up the landscape. In this way, both artists make allusions to nature, each with a language of their own.

The back wall will be dominated by a canvas by Felicidad Moreno (Toledo, 1959) which, despite its evident abstraction, could be evoking the sunset thanks to its main allies: colour and the expression of movement. In her painting, the colours appear in brilliant ranges that move away from the more naturalistic palettes, spreading over the surface by applying techniques such as dripping and stencilling. In turn, this piece will be accompanied by a group of works in intense red tones by the German light artist Regine Schumann (Goslar, 1961). Her early admiration for artists such as Matisse and Rothko seems not to have faded.

Finally, on the outside wall we find a canvas by Giorgio Griffa (Torino, 1936), where the support, the colour and the brushstroke, presented in lines and rhythmic strokes, are the main elements. Undoubtedly, its title "Cinque colori" reinforces the importance we give to colour in our selection of works.

As a contrast to the vividness of the colours, we will find a final monochrome space dedicated to the multidisciplinary artist Rosalía Banet (Madrid, 1972). It will host her installation "El banquete quemado" (The Burnt Banquet), which she created during her residency at the Spanish Academy in Rome in 2017. It is a contemporary version of a banquet from Ancient Rome, with which the artist reflects on the dehumanisation of today's society. It is a funeral banquet, which speak to us about the end, as indicated by the food that makes up this feast, consisting of pies, cakes and other sweets that are normally served at the end of the meal, as a closing. They are very iconic foods that, despite having lost their attractive colours, continue to whet our appetite and bring back memories of celebrations and gatherings, of festive days.

rosalia banet banquete quemado2