María Bueno

Málaga, 1976

María Bueno was born in Malaga in 1976. She began her degree in Fine Art at La Laguna Fine Art on the Canary Islands, and finished them at the Ècole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse. It was in France that María took part in a number of workshops on various topics such as scenography, printing and video, under the direction of mentors such as Christl Lidl and Emio Greco. María has worked on various projects ranging from her residential scholarship at the NIAD Art Center in the US to creating a series of murals in different areas in the city of Malaga. She also participated in the French multi-media project MIRODROME and worked on two children’s books. In 2009 María Bueno had her first solo exhibition at the Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, which was called "EL DÍA QUE ME MURIERON".
In short, it can be said of this artist that drawing and painting form the basis of her work. “When there were only a few weeks left of the summer, I went to see a few of her works in situ in Antequera. Whilst some pieces I didn’t like at all, I felt that others had something very special about them. Running the risk of being thrown out I told her that she was a very bad painter, but that there was something extraordinary in some of her pieces. She was producing total contradictions: an artist without much technical skill (or so I thought) was producing works that were absolutely sublime. And despite their imperfections, they were somehow uniquely spell-binding. Perhaps without knowing it in a few years time we will find that she is one of the most fascinating artists in Andalusia.” Rafael Pérez Hernando, April 2009 You can view more of María Bueno’s works on her webpage:

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