Ofelia Garcia

Ofelia García

Madrid, 1951

Madrid artist Ofelia García began painting at a young age, inspired by souvenir photographs of her father's travels. She works mainly with photographic supports to which she adds paint glazes, delving into autobiographical issues, and reflecting on time, memory and recollection.

In her artistic career we find both these paintings on photographs and purely photographic abstract pieces made with digital media, and without any painted content, in which the different zones of light-twilight-darkness are given the task of symbolizing the visible world. About her work, she says: "I try to order what I see into a simpler universe".

We have had several exhibitions of Ofelia García’s work in our gallery, which have reflected her evolution over the last fifteen years as a painter who explores the world of photography. The first was the 2004 exhibition De Viajes (“About travel”), the seed of her subsequent evolution towards the synthesis of volumes and spaces. In these first works, Ofelia García used horizontal and vertical stripes in acrylic on photographic supports which, at that moment, still contained spaces and defined characters. Over time, her art has evolved more and more towards abstraction.

García’s works are represented in outstanding Spanish collections, and have also been recognized in several competitions, notably the award of second prize by Spain’s Enaire Foundation in 2017. She is also a psychology graduate.