The 30th edition of ESTAMPA Madrid 2022 gets started


Today, Thursday 13 October, ESTAMPA Contemporary Art Fair opens at IFEMA. For this edition of the Estampa fair, we are presenting the work of two American artists who have recently joined our gallery's staff of artists: Anne Buckwalter and Angela Burson.

Both share the use of panel as a support, as well as the predilection for small formats. In addition to this, we are surprised by how, each one in her own way, they present her characters without showing them completely.

In the case of Buckwalter, it is the different objects and belongings that are scattered around her mysterious rooms that tell us about who inhabits them.

On the other hand, Burson paints fragments of bodies where the face is not visible, being the clothing and other attributes the ones that give the viewer clues about the character of the person represented.

The paintings of both artists are complemented by the work of Marta Barrenechea, an artist who our gallery works with since 2014. This paintress from Madrid, whose work we have seen evolve in recent years, is showing more and more interest in small formats. In her almost abstract-looking canvases, however, some enigmatic elements are often repeated, such as a piece of a tartan blanket or empty rooms, which invite us to imagine what the author is trying to represent.

Finally, on the outside wall of the stand, accompanying this trio of artists, are the works of another young American artist, Polly Shindler.

We will be waiting for you at our booth 5B10 until the 16th of October, don't miss it!!