Claude Viallat opens his solo show "Freedom of colors" on March 4th at the MACBA in Buenos Aires


Coinciding with our duo show dedicated to Giorgio Griffa and Claude Viallat, a solo show dedicated to Claude Viallat (Nimes, 1936) under the title "Freedom of colors" will be inaugurated on March 4 at the MACBA in Buenos Aires. Curated by Marie Sophie Lemoine, it shows for the first time the works of the French painter in Argentina and Latin America.

This exhibition, which will last until June 12, brings together the most representative pieces of his work, which, grouped by themes, pay homage to the most important of contemporary colorists, whose abstract pictorial syntax is constantly being renewed, but which is identifiable among all the others as a result of its serial imprint in the form of a "taba", its materiality, the nature of its support, its manufacture, the surface treatment and its presentation. Prolific and demanding artist, Claude Viallat, who was one of the founders of the Supports-Surfaces movement created in 1970, has been composing for more than 60 years a universe that explodes in colors, leaving traces of his universal poetry in space and time.

This retrospective, with which the special program of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires begins for its tenth anniversary, has more than eighty works, thus joining the list of retrospectives on the artist that have taken place to date, among those that stand out the Fabre Museum of Montpellier; the Pompidou Center in Paris and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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