"On common ground", the gallery's new exhibition curated by Mariano Navarro


We are pleased to announce the opening of On common ground, an exhibition curated by Mariano Navarro with the participation of Rufo Criado (represented by Juan Silió gallery), Enrique Larroy and Mitsuo Miura. These three artist coincide in a painting practice whose basis is the environment and its way of making it concrete, abstraction.

The works chosen correspond to different chronological moments, with special emphasis on the first and second decade of this century. They establish a conversation between them that concerns shared starting points, complex processes of realisation and yet simplicity in terms of proposal, trusting in the power and possibilities of painting. 

On common ground proposes a contemporary reading of the possibilities of abstraction, exemplifying three different ways of approaching it but which at the same time concur in a natural and universal idea of understanding the written rules and those yet to be written of artistic creation.

We look forward to seeing you all from 7pm 🥂
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