"Innerlight", Regine Schumann's show at Centro de Arte Pozu Santa Bárbara


The compressor room of the Pozu Santa Bárbara once again becomes a space for artistic intervention and it does so by Regine Schumann, a German artist with extensive international experience who has taken her works full of fluorescent colors, brightness and contrasts all over the world, with black light as a complement and always playing with transparencies and reflections. With "Innerlight", Regine Schumann, who comes from a mining family arrives in Mieres, pays homage to her father, his profession and to that light that blinds when they go outside from the depths of the earth. A historical piece from his catalogue, combined with others created expressly for the intervention in the Pozu Santa Bárbara and which he baptizes with the name of Mieres, will allow us to enjoy a new experience of art in the mine, of colour, interior light and reflections. green, red and blue...

Next Friday, March 10, at 7:00 p.m., the Pozu Santa Bárbara will host the inauguration of this artistic intervention. An appointment, open to everyone, that will go beyond a typical opening and that will include surprises from different artistic disciplines. "Innerlight", the third artistic intervention at the Pozu Santa Bárbara, which will be complemented by an exhibition at the Mieres Centru Cultural (MCC), sees the light and everything is ready for everyone to enjoy this experience. 

For his specific intervention in the PZSB, he uses a historical piece, from 1992, which hangs from the ceiling and combines with others created expressly for the occasion, which he baptizes, as is usual in his work, with the name of the place for which they are made, in this case Mieres. There are ten towers or trails of green, red and blue reflections, placed on mirrors on top of the two concrete platforms that remain as industrial remains of the old compressor building.

On the back walls, making a counterpoint to the luminous and wide windows of the enclosure, other rectangular pieces in bright red, whose number, twenty-nine, is not accidental but due to personal reasons.

With "innerlight", which is the title of the intervention, Regine Schumann wanted to look inside herself to confront her biography and carry out a project that through her father pays homage to all the miners in the world, workers in the bowels of the earth that when going outside are blinded by the light.

Without modifying a space that is a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC), but adapting to it, he manages to give it a solemn air, of secular monumentality, reinforced by the sound setting by Joel Jaffe. The intervention in the La Rebaldana mine shaft, located in the deep valley of Turón, is also complemented by an exhibition at the MCC, in the heart of Mieres, made up of another fourteen more or less recent pieces by the German artist, several of they are black or stained with that non-color.

Coal is at the origin of his reflection, which extends to the Rammelsberg mines in Goslar, closed in 1988 and a World Heritage Site since 1992, of silver and lead but of similar brilliance, now that it reaches the European mining basins the moment of conversion to more innovative and creative projects.