Join us for the opening of the two new exhibitions of the gallery


This evening we have the pleasure of inaugurating the gallery's two new exhibitions: Ofelia García's La frontera de las sombras as part of PHoto España's #FestivalOFF and Carles Gabarró's solo show in our new programme at La Cripta.

Join us today from 19:00 to 21:00 and discover the latest from these two magnificent creators!

At this edition of PHoto ESPAÑA 2023 we present the most recent works by Ofelia García (Madrid, 1951) that are part of the series that this Madrid-born creator began during a period of lockdown. Since then, the artist has been looking for lights, shadows, and reflections in the corners, nooks, and other shapes of her house, and she has taken hundreds of photos where results are very similar to her previous photos, with hardly any subsequent editing on them. For almost two years, in an almost obsessive way, she manages to take around 2,200 takes.

Once again Ofelia García shows us with great mastery that painting and photography do not have to be at odds, but that in addition to complementing each other, both can be great allies.

While Ofelia García's exhibition for PhotoEspaña 2023 is taking place on the main floor of the gallery, downstairs in LA CRIPTA we find a single project by the Catalan artist Carles Gabarró. A series of canvases and drawings in small formats accompany a large canvas making up Gabarró's first exhibition at the Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Influenced by the Spanish earthy landscape and the spirit of Goya, his painting tends towards the tragic and grotesque, with objectual repetition playing an important role in his works.