Regine Schumann participates in the group exhibition "Lichtkunst" at the Kunsthalle Messmer of Riegel am Kaiserstuhl


From October 28, 2022 to February 26, 2023, the Kunsthalle Messmer in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl will bring together international stars of the light-art scene and showcase the creative spirit of this art movement. Fluorescent acrylic glass works by Regine Schumann will share space with an immersive installation by Margaret Marquardt and Betty Rieckmann's brilliant play of colors with hypnotic effects, among others.

This collective exhibition with 17 different artists offers quite a visual experience. With the help of artificial lights such as fluorescent or neon tubes, LEDs or spotlights, the artists create works and installations in which the phenomenon of light and its different facets come together, not only aesthetic but also physical-mathematical, philosophical, religious, economic and cultural.

Only directly in front of the works of art can you feel their energy and expressiveness. If you have the opportunity to visit it, do not miss the opportunity and immerse yourself in the magical world of light!

All the artists participating in this exhibition:

Werner Bauer, Antje Blumenstein, Hellmut Bruch, Walter Giers, Daniel Hausig, Hans Kotter, Brigitte Kowanz, Margaret Marquardt, Yoshiyuki Miura, Françoise Morellet, Mitsouko Mori, Miriam Prantl, Betty Riekmann, Rosalie, Rainer Schmelzeisen, Hans Schork, Regine Schumann, Killian Sauressig.