Regine Schumann presents her new creations at the OCCHIO showroom in Palma de Mallorca


The German artist Regine Schumann collaborates with the prestigious lighting company Occhio to present her new creations in its Palma de Mallorca showroom for a limited time, from September 23 to October 7. Don't miss it!

Regine Schumann works with fluorescent materials. The clear forms of her works, which under black light turn into strongly shining luminous objects, intensify the brightness of the colors.

For more than 17 years the artist has been concentrating on chameleon-like transformation of space under the influence of light and color. In doing so, she interferes with given architectural structures, of ten opposing purely useful architecture to auratic art with a day side and a night side. Searching for a new enhanced notion of color she affiliates the form language of minimal art with the fascinating possibilities of light art. Inner and outer spaces are used like white canvasses. Through the use of black light tangible materials become intangible: Seemingly weightless objects shine on walls, facades and on the ground.

Occhio is one of the most innovative companies in the lighting sector and the market leader in Germany in the sector of high-quality design lighting. Occhio products have a unique position in the market thanks to their comprehensive, modular luminaire systems and are among the most successful lighting products of recent years.

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