Today is the opening of #Intimacy, the group show of seven women artists


SAVE THE DATE: today, Thursday, November 17, we open #Intimacy, a group exhibition featuring seven women artists: Angela Burson, Anne Buckwalter, Chechu Álava, Rosalía Banet, Sabine Finkenauer, Scout Zabinski and Sofía Pashaei. With very different styles and languages, come together around "INTIMACY", giving their vision of this concept through their works.
We look forward to seeing you all from 7 pm!

The seed of this group exhibition was sown during lockdown. Spending several weeks without being able to leave home during the spring of 2020 allowed me to learn more about social networks, and how to take advantage of them as a tool to discover the work of artists from diverse and distant places without leaving the comfort of my couch. One day, by chance, in one of these searches I came across Anne Buckwalter (Lancaster, 1987). I was surprised by the subtlety with which the work of this young painter is able to speak about the intimacy, sexuality and other taboos of people, by means of mysterious rooms that describe them without the need to represent them. Afterwards, the algorithm did its job very well, and we began to connect with other female painters, all of them united by figuration, expressing themselves through painting, drawing or visual images.

As a result of these contacts, the works of Angela Burson (Liberty, 1969) and Sofia Pashaei (Stockholm, 1989) reached us shortly afterwards. Their interiors, and the characters they portray, mostly female, provoke astonishment and a certain mystery, prompting the viewer to observe, analyze and decipher every detail.

In the meantime, but this time in the real world outside social media, we established contact with Rosalía Banet (Madrid, 1972) at the end of 2021. I visited the studio of this painter who I had followed for years in different institutional projects, and discovered a series of canvases from the early 2000s that fascinated me. Once again “intimacy” appears - here, in the form of contemporary saints who, in the midst of seemingly everyday scenes, expose their sins through their wounds and viscera.

It’s also true that an old work can be rediscovered as something new, and for that reason the enigmatic “princesses” and “dresses” of Sabine Finkenauer (Rockenhausen, 1961), an artist who has been present in the gallery for several years, came to my mind and could not be omitted from this exhibition.

Finally, we also thank the collectors who have allowed us to complete this project with the loan of their works by the artists Chechu Álava (Asturias, 1973) and Scout Zabinski (New Jersey, 1997), whose work we also admire, and which complements the exhibition with further points of view on this same concept.

Image: Sabine Finkenauer. Durmientes, 2002. Acrylic on canvas. 65 x 100 cm.