Today we open #IRREGULAR, the first solo show exhibition of the artist Rosalía Banet at our gallery


IRREGULAR: atypical, curious, strange, weird, anomalous, deformed singular or unusual. This is the title of the first solo show of Rosalía Banet in our gallery, which brings together a series of works made by the artist over the last two decades.

Rosalía Banet (Madrid, 1972) is a multidisciplinary artist and holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. Her artistic practice always starts from drawing, to develop projects that take different forms and formats, from paintings or sculptures to installations and audiovisual pieces.

Within her work she analyses and reflects on the systems and patterns we inhabit. She portrays today's society with its excesses and imbalances, bringing to light the monsters that populate contemporary civilisation. The three axes that form the backbone of her practice are the body and its illnesses, food, and territory.

She has worked in galleries such as Marta Cervera, Espacio Mínimo or Twin Gallery, and in institutions such as the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo La Conservera, MAS (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santander) or the Centro de Arte de Alcobendas. In recent years she has received several international awards and grants such as the scholarship of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2016/17), artist in residence at Casa de Velázquez (French Academy in Madrid, 2018) and HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme, 2019).

Image: Rosalía Banet. El banquete hambriento 1, 2010. Óleo sobre lienzo. 180 x 220 cm.