Visit us at SWAB Barcelona 2023 to enjoy the works of Sofia Pashaei


We are delighted to announce our participation in SWAB Barcelona 2023 with the multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Sofia Pashaei (Sweden, 1989). After her first appearance in our gallery in the group exhibition #Intimacy, we also want to show her works in the city of Barcelona.

Through the use of paintings and animations, Sophia Pashaei investigates the perception of modern life from the perspective of women and relationships. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Sweden, and her films have also been shown in the United States, France, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Cambodia, Japan and Brazil.

Pashaei plans her painting as one plans a scene in a film, seemingly real but in reality it is all a façade. Even so, she makes no attempt to hide the manipulation of what she depicts, for her works are a reflection of a society so "constructed" that even the figures become building blocks in the service of the composition.

The transitions between the different elements represented in her works allude to the division of people's identity. For the artist, the home is often where we can see most clearly and directly who we are, as it carries all possible identities at once. That is why Pashaei turns a dining table into a bathtub, but she does it in such a uniform way that the viewer may not notice it until after having looked at the work for a while.

We will be waiting for you at booth nº7 in the Textile Pavilion - Fira de Barcelona, from 5 to 7 October. Don't miss it!

Find more info on the official SWAB website.